Slurry Pier Drilling

Maxon Drilling can complete your slurry pier drilling project day or night to the precise specifications required. Drilling fluid is introduced in the hole when unstable soil has potential to cause caving. Casing is an alernative option to slurry when needing to stabilize the walls of a hole.
Slurry Truck

The 3 Types of Slurry

• Water

• Mineral Slurry - Natural clay minerals, the most popular being Bentonite, form a unique gel material when mixed with water. This slurry coats the walls of the borehole and forms a "mudcake" that stabilizes the hole.

• Polymer Slurry - Polymer is a synthetic or semi-synthetic chemical slurry with a higher cost compared to Bentonite. It performs considerably well in North Texas where soils contain high amounts of clay. Although the costs are higher, polymer is more popular because very little is needed to complete the drilling operation and it can be reconditioned to reuse an infinite number of times. The cost to dispose of polymer is another benefit, with bentonite disposal costs being significantly higher.